The investment objective of the Partnership is to provide its limited partners with a tax assisted investment in a diversified portfolio of Flow-Through Shares and other securities, if any, of Resource Issuers with a view to (i) maximizing the tax benefit of an investment in the Units, and (ii) achieving capital appreciation for its Limited Partners.

The principal business of the Resource Issuers will be: (i) primarily mineral exploration, development and production, and (ii) to a lesser extent, oil and gas exploration, development and production and certain energy production that may incur certain start-up phase costs of renewable energy projects.

The Partnership’s principal strategy is to invest in Flow-Through Shares of junior and intermediate Resource Issuers that, in the opinion of the Manager (as hereinafter defined), have experienced and capable
senior management, well-planned exploration programs, and superior potential for future growth, where such Flow-Through Shares can be acquired at attractive prices.

There is currently no performance data for this fund.