The Company has been established to provide a lower volatility investment solution for Canadian investors in the precious metals sector. The Company invests in gold equities which include senior and intermediate gold producers that are part of the S&P/TSX Global Gold Index.

Investment Objectives

The Company’s investment objectives are to provide Shareholders with: (i) monthly distributions targeted to yield 5% per annum or $0.04167 per month based on the issue price of $10.00 per Share; and (ii) the opportunity for capital appreciation. The Company has increased the current monthly distribution rate to $0.048 per month effective September 2010.

Option Writing

The Manager believes that option writing has the potential to add value in certain sectors that have sustained volatility. The Manager believes gold equities, which have historically maintained a high degree of volatility are well suited to an option writing strategy. In order to generate additional returns and to reduce risk, the Manager writes covered call options on securities held in the portfolio and cash secured put options on securities desired to be held in the portfolio. Writing a call option tends to decrease the Fund’s exposure to the underlying instrument. Writing put options tends to increase the Fund’s exposure to the underlying instrument.

There is currently no performance data for this fund.