• Our Portfolio Managers are disciplined and free from the distractions and short-term thinking
    that plague asset managers that chase returns. We focus on capital preservation, with a
    balance of income and growth.
  • Our Portfolio Managers design diversified portfolios, focussed on industry leading companies,
    many of which generate stable and growing distributions.
  • Criteria we look for are sound business models, long term steady demand for products or
    services, growing positive cash flow, minimal need for debt or need to raise significant amounts
    of capital as well as having a lower dividend payout ratio.
  • Our allocation is based on longer term themes generated through macro-economic views. Our
    themes generally represent multi-year investment opportunities.
  • We invest in sustainable business models with superior long-term growth prospects offering a
    steady stream of income.
  • We have a significant allocation to long-life assets that generate stable and growing cash flows
    (examples include real estate and infrastructure).
  • We manage risk by not overpaying for growth while using our option writing program to re-
    balance our portfolio weightings and generate an income stream for clients.